In the past, we've had mariachis play their versions of rock songs at some of our events.

Cool idea that resulted in some ... interesting ... arrangements but, they all kinda had one thing in common. They were mostly songs that were either acoustic or that already had a Spanish flair.  Not really a big stretch, 'ya know??

My friend Roberto Rivas, with Mariachi Estrella, and I were talking about rock and mariachi hybrids and he said that he and his band could learn any rock song.  YOUR job is to pick the song. Wanna hear Slayer with trumpets? Guns n Roses, see video above, with violins? Van Halen with 'gritas instead of all the little squeals?

Let's put 'em to the test folks!  Post a rock song you want to hear them do a mariachi version of in the comments. Friday evening, whichever song title that has appeared the most is the one they have to learn. When they're all set, I'll record and post the song here.

Ready?? Go!!

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