El Paso, Texas has had its fair share of natural disasters in the past. I believe the worst natural disaster El Paso experienced was the flood in 2006. That flood destroyed a lot of homes, roads, and businesses. It is crazy how some people associated the flood in El Paso with certain things they remember. For the longest time, I along with other Westsiders in El Paso associated the 2006 flood with Blockbuster. People only associate the 2006 flood with Blockbuster because of the DVDs that floated all over the neighborhood. My family and I were on our way back to El Paso from California while the storm was going on. After arriving back in town there was still a ton of Blockbuster DVDs scattered around the streets near the business.

Another natural disaster El Paso experienced but was welcomed by some with open arms was the snowstorm in 2015. I remember a lot of people were excited to see snow during the happiest time of the year, on Christmas break. I remember that time of year so clearly because of everything that went wrong at work. During the snowstorm, I was working Saturday evening until midnight and had to be back at 6 am the following day. Since I had to be back at work early, I decided to just stay at the station overnight. Well, I pretty much pulled an all-nighter that night since things went haywire as soon as my shift ended. That night we went off the air for a while, the heater went out, and the entrances to our building unlocked. My co-worker, Peter, and I were trying to help out our engineer Daver who later saved the day.

48 years ago on December 8, 1972, a 3.0 earthquake occurred near the Texas-New Mexico border in the Northeast. Then earlier this year certain people felt quite a shake on Thursday, March 26 in the West Texas area. It was around 9:16 am when El Paso, Texas felt a part of the 5.0 earthquake that shook West Texas. I was sitting at my desk when I felt my chair shaking while hearing the guitars and frames hanging on the walls swaying after the shake. I was definitely stunned after my first minor earthquake experience. It is said that El Paso and Odessa had the least shaking compared to other areas. I would like to know which natural disaster is your favorite story to tell, pick yours in the poll below.

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