El Paso International Airport was the scene of a crazy murder back in 1959.

The victim was an El Paso attorney who would one day have  a Northeast area high school named after him.

The victim was gunned down right in front of his wife by a crazed El Paso Doctor.

Yep, a doctor murdered a lawyer. In 1959. I can see some kind of crazy stuff like this going down today but the 50's seem like such a chill decade. From what I've seen on tv anyway.

Nobody ever got whacked on Happy Days.

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So, here's what happened.

Dr. Harold Eidinoff, who had recently been committed to a mental institution, and Attorney Ted Andress ... for whom Andress High School was named ... had been adversaries in court a few years earlier.

The murder was over nude photos Andress had of Eidinoff and his wife.

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During that trial, Andfress was representing a group of lawyers over legal fees owed by Eidinoff. Andress at one point introduced into evidence a nude photo of Eidinoff and his wife.

Eidinoff alleged that the photos were stolen and the fact that they were used in court apparently drove him over the edge.

Obsessed with hatred for the lawyers who were thwarting him in court, Eidinoff let it be known he would get even. He filed a blizzard of lawsuits, often serving as his own attorney. He consistently lost in court. - EP Times

Eidinoff drove to El Paso from Grant, New Mexico. He got a room and went to the airport the day he knew Andress was due to return to El Paso. After checking flight records, he waited most of the day for Andress to show..

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When he did, he was met by 6 shots, 5 of which found their mark. Eidinoff was caught walking away by a cab driver. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and spent 10 years in a state hospital. He died in 1997.

Andress was taken to the hospital but didn't survive his wounds. At the time, Andress was president of the El Paso School Board and was returning from an educators convention. He was 54.

Andress High School opened in 1961.

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