Netflix just dropped the trailer for their docu-series on the infamous Cecil Hotel- "Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel" which premieres on February 10th on the streaming platform. The Cecil Hotel has been having quite a moment lately. The success of the Richard Ramirez docu-series, also on Netflix, has introduced many to the hotel and it's dark history.


The "Ghost Adventures" crew opened up this season with their investigation in hotel. And for many new patrons of the new DiscoveryPlus streaming service (which I just got!) they also have a docu-series, courtesy of ID Channel, called "Horror at the Cecil Hotel". Suddenly, the infamous location is having a moment in the spotlight- and for many horror aficionados- a look inside would be the ultimate experience.

However, if traveling all the way to Los Angeles just isn't in your cards- then look no further than El Paso's very own haunted hotel- the De Soto Hotel!

The De Soto Hotel located at 309 E. Mills Avenue has been a constant in the downtown El Paso scene for over one hundred years.  Established in 1905, its hallways have seen many guests come and go- and some that never want to leave. The hotel has long had a reported history of being haunted and has been the site of many paranormal investigations, including Zak Bagans and the "Ghost Adventures" crew when they came to the Sun City in 2016 for their annual Halloween episode.

Though it is impossible to say for sure how many spirits and specters roam the halls of this hotel, paranormal investigators are certain that there are three distinct entities that have been documented.

For the extreme paranormal lovers, the De Soto has recently been put up for sale! Listed at $1,099,899- you can not only own the property but all the ghosts that come with the territory. Happy hauntings!

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