Almost everyone in El Paso loves to travel to Las Vegas for some wild fun. Most El Pasoans who do travel to Las Vegas usually goes to party their life away.

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If you've been to Las Vegas then you know all about the party lifestyle that goes on there. Most people know Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps.

Frequent visitors from El Paso know not to count on resting while they're guests in Sin City. This may come as a shocker to you but I have never been to Las Vegas since I turned 21 years ago.

The times I visited Las Vegas I had gone with my Vito and Vita (grandparents) when I was around 5. They took the grandchildren to the spots the kids were welcomed and could play games.

Now what I wanted to bring to your attention is Vegas shouldn't only be used for the partying lifestyle. There is another way to enjoy Las Vegas that definitely doesn't give a hangover feeling.

A few days ago I came across some marvelous photos that had me wishing I could visit and explore. Jesse Westman shared some amazing pictures of his tour outside of Las Vegas on Twitter.

As you can see these pictures Jesse Westman shared are definitely the opposite of disappointing. In fact, on your next visit to Las Vegas, you may even want to take this tour if you consider yourself a naturist.

Just refer to Mili and Mandy's YouTube video on the top 4 low-cost adventures you can enjoy in Las Vegas. If you fast forward about 4 minutes in you can see the tour Jesse Westman was talking about and shared on Twitter.

Another YouTube video for you to enjoy of Emerald Cove comes from Venture Out Vegas. This video is mesmerizing and should convince you to take a day off partying and tour Emerald Cove.

So if you have a future trip coming up that involves Las Vegas, make sure you don't go just to party there. Be sure to also enjoy the views of nature kayaking Emerald Cove in Las Vegas.

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