El Paso is a city filled with gorgeous landscapes and sites that are perfect for outdoor photoshoots. Plus, we've got plenty of amazing and talented photographers in town who showcase the beauty this city has to offer. But there is another issue happening in this town- people aren't cleaning up after their photoshoots. While walking along Rim Road this week, I took a moment to check out the stunning views of the city from Tom Lea Park.

As I got closer to the edge, I noticed small white things all over the floor. Once I got closer, I saw the white things on the group were fake rose petals.

Lisa's Petals

They were all over! On the ground in the park, and the wind had swept them over the edge and down the side of the mountain. Tom Lea Park gives visitors a beautiful view of the city and can make a wonderful backdrop for photoshoots and it should be utilized but in a responsible manner.

This also isn't the first time I've seen "props" from outdoor photoshoots being left behind as litter on the ground.

Back in July, downtown business owner and Twitter user @minalowkey posted a photo of some confetti that had been left outside of a downtown building during some unknown downtown photoshoot.

The downtown business owner was obviously upset seeing all the garbage that had been left outside of her building that she now had to clean up.

Two different locations with most likely two different photographers but with the same problem. The moral of the story is- clean up after your mess. We all need to share and respect our city. But best believe I will be keeping an eye out for these photos, to see who didn't clean up after their mess.

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