Now that the city of El Paso has mandated the wearing of masks when out in public, which type should you get?

I don't mean that in terms of which one matches your eyes/outfit or, which one shows off your favorite band, or sports team. I mean in terms of protection. Here are your options:

  • N95 Masks. The very name says it all as these suckers block 95% of small particles. These clean the air you breathe in but, not the air you breathe out. Meaning, it may protect you from sick people but, if you're the sick one, it won't protect healthy people from you.
  • Cloth masks. These can be fancy, "ready-made" masks or, simple, bandanas, old t-shirts, scarves, etc. Just make sure you wear them correctly and, if possible, use multiple layers of fabric. Click here for tips on how to wear cloth masks. (These can be purchased locally!)
  • Gas Masks. A full-on gas mask protects you from just about anything and, if we do find ourselves in a Road Warrior type world, you'll look cool as hell. Unfortunately, they are pricey, cumbersome, and complicated so; it's probably best to just stick with "95" or cloth.

Slowing and/or stopping the spread of COVID -19 really comes down to EVERYBODY wearing a mask, period. In El Paso, it's now a law to wear one of some sort so, just do it. Stay safe and stay distant If possible, stay home ... by now your kids and your pets have probably really come to enjoy having you around!

Unless you have teenagers or reptiles. They could really give a f_ _ _.

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