I got my very first cell phone on my 15th birthday- it was my quinceañera surprise gift. I LOVED it! It was a Nokia of some kind, and it was bulky. There were no games on it, if I wanted games I had to pay. I couldn't send text messages, I could only receive them and the minutes were free after 9 P.M.- which worked out great for me to call my friends late at night.

Girl with red hat via Unsplash
Girl with red hat via Unsplash

Many of us started out that way, and while the minutes weren't free, the memories made were! We went ahead and asked our faithful Facebook followers if they remembered their first cell phone, and if they had games on it- and we got some good responses.

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VoiceStream seemed to be the top service provider, along with Cingular Wireless. And Snake, of course, was the top game everyone loved playing on their new cellular devices.

2001-2002, VoiceStream, Nokia brickphone could play Snake on it.

The early 2000's brick phones were all the rage.

2004 it was Alltel only game I can remember playing on it was snake

And don't forget you could pimp out your phones, long before the pop sockets and phone protectors we have now, we could change out our phone covers!

'98, from Voicestream, for TMobile. The best part of my Nokia was being able to pick new covers! Snake was as good as it got!

Rayson Tan via Unsplash
Rayson Tan via Unsplash

Do people even still have the same number from back then? This person does!

Voice stream 25 years ago...still have the same number. I paid $19.99 a month for 60 minutes, night and weekends free- no texting...

But let's not forget that before cell phones, there was a different means of communication!

Had a beeper in 97... then that indestructible Nokia shortly after. I think it was sprint? Amazing to believe I've been willing to communicate with others for so long

In a time when people get iPhone's for their first phone, it's good to remember how far we've come!

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