El Paso has earned its wings in the shiny silver monolith department this month.

There are mysterious monoliths appearing all around the world that people are curious about. I had heard about one appearing in New Mexico, so it was only a matter of time before one appeared in El Paso.

Well, Monday evening is when I discovered El Paso's very own monolith.

My friend Chris had shared a few pictures he was able to take when he spotted the monolith. He wasn't the only one that was excited about El Paso having a monolith mysteriously appear.

In the pictures he shared with me you see other people standing around it and taking pictures. After El Paso's monolith went viral, I began to think it wouldn't be long until something bad happened to it.

Let's face it, El Paso sometimes can't have nice things.

The new silver monument was placed right beside the parking lot near Ardovino's Pizza, off of Sunset.

Unfortunately, the monolith that sits on the Westside of town has already been messed with.

In one of the photos, Chris shared you will see a sticker towards the bottom part of the monolith.

If you're thinking that's the worst part, it isn't.

Someone shared some footage of some people removing the monolith from where it was placed.

It's so sad that we get to be a part of something then have it taken from us.

When my friend Chris had shared the bad news with me I told him he should consider himself lucky for taking a picture with it unlike some of us who didn't.

The mysterious planting of monoliths started around mid-November. Since that time so many shiny silver monuments have appeared out of the blue in different parts of the world. Well, El Paso is now a part of the mysterious monoliths clan that are popping up around the world. The only problem we have now is none of us but those who took it, know where it's at.

Looks like El Paso's monolith disappeared just the way Utah's did.

Monolith in El Paso

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