El Paso High School has its fair share of accolades, here's one more.

El Paso High School was established in 1916 and, over the last hundred years, has made it onto a number of lists. From "Most Haunted High School In America", to having one of the "Top 10 High School Football Stadiums To See Before You Die". She was even named one of "The 10 Best High Schools In Texas".

Known affectionately as "The Lady On The Hill", El Paso High School celebrates her centennial this year and ... just in time ... has made it on to another best-of list. This time, being listed as one of the Most Picturesque High Schools In America.

According to ElPasoHeraldPost.com, a total of 14 schools were listed and El Paso High got the number 10 slot. She was also the only Texas High School to make the list at all!


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