Academy award-winning actor and El Pason F. Murray Abraham joins the Marvel universe in the new Moon Knight TV series on Disney Plus.

F Murray Abraham won an academy award for his role in the 1980s production Amadeus. He was just 45 at that time. Well, some people may consider that the height of their career, but  F. Murray Abraham seems to be having something of a resurgence at the AGE OF 82.

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2021 New York Comic Con
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He's part of the rockstar ensemble cast of the Apple+ TV series Mythic Quest, helmed by It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia creator Rob Mcelhenney, and now it seems Murray will be joining the Marvel universe as the voice of the Egyptian god of the Moon, Khonshu.

According to, "Much like the comics, Marvel StudiosMoon Knight series will follow Marc Spector, a former marine and CIA operative who later finds work as a mercenary. On one of his jobs, Spector is mortally wounded and succumbs to his injuries, but he happens to die right in front of the statue of Khonshu. The ancient god revives Spector and implores him to become Moon Knight, serving as conduit for Khonshu."

Arguably one of the greatest actors to come out of El Paso, I'm sure everyone will be proud to hear his voice when the show hits Disney Plus this spring.

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