An electrical malfunction, workers or simply "paranormal activity", this video recorded in the early morning hours has many questioning what is happening. There are many legends and ghost stories of Downtown El Paso. Just head down there most evenings during the summer and you'll see several Ghost tours traversing the streets, telling tales of the undead and the unknown. One of the haunted landmarks of El Paso is the Paso Del Norte Hotel, formerly known as the Camino Real Hotel.

The Paso Del Norte Hotel has many ghost stories to share. One of the most famous stories is that a bride was left at the altar after her fiance ran off with her bridesmaid. So incredibly distraught by the betrayal, she committed suicide by throwing herself from the hotel. So the legend says her ghost still wanders the hotel, even to this day. The hotel also has ties to Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution, and many would watch the war from the highest floors of the hotel. Now it looks like the ghosts of the hotel are at it again, after this spine-chilling has gone viral on social media.

Tattoo artist Joe Cruz of Golden Goose Tattoo posted this video on his Facebook page of a strange light seen inside the hotel around 3:30 in the morning. The building is being remodeled and is currently vacant, making it extremely odd that a light would be turning on and off at that time of night. The video has been viewed almost 6,000 times and many commenters are giving their own opinions on the strange light.

While some are saying it could be caused by a simple short on the electrical system, others are pointing to the building's paranormal history. A Facebook user said he worked on the remodeling and the floor where the light is turning on was the scariest floor. He even says he couldn't go up there by himself. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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