EL PASO!! Who's Homie is this?? #WhereYouFromEse #JudgeJudy

Posted by Fernando Gomez on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Posted by Fernando Cuevas on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Earlier this month, I was visiting my mother and we were hanging out watching Judge Judy on CBS Channel 4. All of a sudden they tease the next court case that is coming up. I'm in the kitchen and I hear Judge Judy scream, "Where are you from? and a guy answers "El Paso, Texas". I stop cooking and run to the living room.

My mother doesn't have a DVR so I took out my cell phone and recorded the tv. Old school I know but what else was I supposed to do? So this guy is being sued for selling a broke down car to this lady who lived in Minnesota. Apparently, she was here for someones funeral and wanted to drive back home.

The El Paso guy claims that she knew the car was 'sold as is' and that he shouldn't payback the money. Well, he ends up losing the case after Judge Judy yells at him. The guy is also ordered to pay back the money for the broken car. Does he get the car back at least?

By the way, don't ask why my name is Gomez. Long story.

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