The Borderland area has been getting a substantial amount of rain which has led to many neighborhoods and yards being overrun by weeds.

We all knew that El Paso was in serious need of some rain. Thankfully, the last few weeks have seen plenty of wet weather hitting the Borderland, quenching the desert's thirst during monsoon season. This led to deliciously cool temperatures that we've all been enjoying, and cloudy skies that make the perfect evening to enjoy.

The downside of all these drenched days and wet witching hours is first of all the mosquitoes, I know I'm not the only person dealing with mosquito bites covering the majority of my body. But since the rain has been hitting the region there have been weeds sprouting up in everybody's yards and any place they can grow. I take pride in trying to keep my yard clear of any overgrown vegetation I still find myself outside almost daily pulling new weeds that have sprouted overnight.

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While there are some neighbors like myself who try (almost in vain) to continue to clean up their yards, others seem like they've just given their properties to the wild. Some houses on my street have weeds that reach my ankles, others as tall as my knees. And plenty of property owners don't seem to even be attempting to pull any of the weeds in their yard.

If you own a house and it has a yard, try to pull the weeds. And if there is an elederly neighbor you know is going to have trouble removing their weeds, help them out if you can. It'll help beautify your street, and beautify your soul.

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