We all remember and miss a certain venue we enjoyed seeing some of our favorite bands at. If you recognize the picture then you know I'm referring to the good old Tricky Falls. That concert venue was the only place worth the time it took to find a decent parking space downtown.

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The Tricky Falls building holds a lot of our greatest memories we wish we could relive. But we all get hit with the ghost of concerts past any and every time we pass by the spot.

For me, it was a blast from the past after passing by it the other night. Tons of my favorite bands flooded my mind that I remember seeing at Tricky Falls.

Plus, we can't forget the most gnarly section to see the show from which was on the second level. So many bands come to mind when I think of, see, or hear the name, Tricky Falls.

There are too many I can name but some of my favorites were Palms, Chevelle, Trapt, Taking Back Sunday, and. Soulfly. I recall the time Taking Back Sunday's frontman jumped on the bar right in the middle of their performance.

You know when you see the building of the former concert venue it triggers your concert flashbacks. There were so many great bands that rolled through town that performed at Tricky Falls years ago.

Below are some videos from different locals that shared their concert footage for all to see on YouTube. Hope you enjoy the videos of bands we know and love that performed at Tricky Falls back in the day.

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