Free spay and neuter services are being offered throughout the month of January as well as rabies shots and more.

The El Paso Sheriffs office is once again offering free spay and neuter services to residents of all unincorporated areas of El Paso. These areas include Horizon City, Vinton, Anthony, and Clint. In addition to that, pets can also be microchipped as well as given their rabies and booster shots free of charge.

This time around though, the spay and neuter services are provided by appointment only. Click here for the schedule and also keep in mind that all services must be performed on the same day. They will not be done one or two at a time so, basically, it's all or nothing.

Take advantage of free services or, wind up caring for another 3 or 4, 5 to 10, or maybe even more animals. It's a no-brainer!  For more info, click here. You can also call (915) 851-0191.

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