Did you know that El Paso has a Selfie Park? Well, we do! Located at the Outlet Shoppes, the Selfie Park is perfect for those Instagram pics with their amazing backdrops and their interactive spaces. If you're unfamiliar with what a "Selfie Park" is, it's actually a pretty fun "museum" that usually have great backgrounds where you're free to take your selfies with no shame or judgement.

According to their Facebook page, the El Paso Selfie Park describe themselves as "an interactive museum for Instagram fans who love to take beautiful pictures! Bring your cameraphone, your friends, a colorful outfit, and enjoy the different themes, colors and exhibits!"

The Selfie Park opened last month at the Outlets and judging by the pictures on their Instagram page, they've had some fun with their clientele.

The Selfie Park accepts walk-ins are, but it’s best to purchase tickets in advance as the El Paso Selfie Park is likely to sell out, especially on weekends! You can reserve a date and time.  General Admission is $20. Kids 5 and under are always free (limits apply for large groups; call for availability).

For the time being, the Selfie Park isn't accepting any reservations (due to the county wide shut down order). If the day comes that our county judge and mayor can get on the same page and decide once and for all if El Paso is open for business, I'm sure this is a great place to get rid of the quarantine blues. It also looks like the Selfie Park is taking measures to ensure your safety, just a few days ago they had their space disinfected.



I know everyone loves to take a selfie, trust me, I've seen your Instagram pages, and I think this is a great attraction to the city. It may be smaller than some other Selfie Parks, but it's a great start. When this pandemic is over, this is a great activity to do while reuniting with friends and family!

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