February 12th was a big day for these "Local Locos".

Shadow Valley have released their first new recording in 2 years, "From The Darkness". Here is what they had to say about it along with a song by song breakdown:

We actually recorded it ourselves. It was pretty much a “do it yourself" type of deal. We're not the greatest producers but we know enough to get the sound we wanted. It has 3 songs.


  • "Surrender to the Storm!" is pretty straight forward. It’s about a natural catastrophe of a massive storm taking hold on mankind.
  • "The Vision Seeker" is about a Native American tradition that young people undergo when they are unsure of what they are supposed to do in life. In the song, we mention that the young native sees an animal that helps them figure out what to do on their quest.
  • "Brought Back From Death" is an homage to the comic hero Spawn. From his decent to darkness to how he uses the power of dark forces to help those he cares for.

The difference from this EP and our last EP, “Enter the Valley”, is that we’ve developed more musically and lyrically since then. So we’re kind of proud in that aspect. Well, that’s pretty much the story of our EP, “From the Darkness”! I hope you all enjoy it ... it’s available on all digital platforms and physical copies will be made soon!

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