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Shadow Valley are an El Paso based band. Here's their story, as always with Local Band 101, told in their own words:

We formed in El Paso High around 5 years ago in a teeny weeny guitar class. Our teacher was this amazing musician named Tim Thompson. At first we had a female singer named Prenda Rodriguez and our name at the time was PEMA. Which was an acronym of our names. Prenda(Singer), Eli(Guitarist/Singer), Michael(Drums), and Anthony(Bass). We practiced in her lil basement and after a while, she just left and it was just us 3 guys. We then changed the name to Shadow Valley. And soon started delving into this retro 80s metal and goth sound. It was, and at times, still is hard for us to get shows because our bassist and drummer were underage. But we still, I guess you could say, snuck out way around and managed to play shows. The venue I’d say we’ve played the most at is at the Rockhouse Bar & Grill. We currently have a 3 song EP available on all digital platforms and sell physical copies that we make our selves. We’re also currently working on our debut album. And we can say with great confidence that it’s something that the El Paso community wouldn’t expect. Well, that’s about it! In short we’re just a trio of knuckleheads that just love to play music that represents ourselves and is true to ourselves.

See more of Shadow Valley on their Youtube channel.


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