Ministry frontman and El Paso 'west-sider' collapsed right after a Paris show!

Al Jourgensen appeared to stagger a little leaving the stage, then he went down.  He was rushed to a Paris hospital and the incident was diagnosed as a "full system collapse".

According to;

“Al collapsed on stage during the Mininstry performance and was rushed to hospital via ambulance, where he was examined by numerous physicians. Doctors confirmed via blood tests that his blood alcohol levels were were below normal and no narcotics were found in his system.”

The cause appears to be

“extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion, intensified by the lack of ventilation on stage at the venue.”

That's what is stated on the Ministry facebook page also; but report from puts it differently.  According to that one, Al;

“came on stage rather intoxicated and was nearly unable to move throughout the performance,” although no official cause of illness has been reported by the band. He was eventually escorted off of the stage by crew members.

Al has never tried to hide his past addictions and struggles; hopefully he will be able to resume his tour soon and then get back home to El Paso and work past them for good!