I don't understand how people can break the rules without being afraid of the consequences they could face with law enforcement or something worse and darker. Two teens were recently found way underground of the Paris Catacombs last month.

Leave it to two teenage boys who are seeking adventure and clearly don't think about what could go wrong. I am sure you have seen plenty of scary movies to know NOT to do what these very teens did. A few years ago As Above, So Below was released and after watching it taught you not to break the rules if you thought about visiting the Catacombs in Paris. These two teenage boys 16 and 17 were finally found down below after they were missing for three days. It wouldn't have been possible to find them if it weren't for the search crew and sniffer dogs. When they were finally found they were taken to the hospital to be treated for Hypothermia. The full story was covered by CNN news and you can read the full article.

If you plan on visiting the Catacombs in Paris, don't break the rules and go beyond the restricted areas or you may end up gone for good!


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