2023 was a stellar year for Late Night Drive Home out of El Paso, Texas. The 4 piece indie rock band recently signed onto Epitaph Records in late November becoming the first El Paso band to sign the famed label. This year is looking to be even better for the group as they will represent El Paso at the legendary Coachella festival in 2024.

When will Late Night Drive Home play Coachella in 2024?

As it was announced on the band's Instagram page on Jan, 16; they reviled a poster of the entire lineup for this year's Coachella festival taking place over two weekends from April 12 to April 21.

If you scroll to Friday, April 12/19, you can see "late night drive home". And if you need further proof, and a better view, here ya go. We even circled it as proof.

late night drive home via Instagram
late night drive home via Instagram

This isn't the first time we've seen an El Paso artist represent at Coachella; we actually saw the reunion of At The Drive-In for the 2012 Coachella festival.

The Mars Volta performed at Coachella in 2003,

And of course we saw Khalid represent El Paso during the 2022 Coachella. And we even saw two local artists, Los Dos, show off their work there too. Khalid also performed at the 2019 Coachella as well.

It's still amazing to think that this band started doing house shows just a few years ago and now they're playing one of the biggest festivals in America. Kudos to the guys; I'm still honored I had the pleasure of interviewing them in June of last year.

I know you will make El Paso proud this year; break a leg guys!

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