Racist? '2 white old people?' I'm pretty sure that guy isn't white. That doesn't make what he's doing okay. It also doesn't make an illegal turn okay either. Is everyone an A-hole here? That's what it seems like.


Racists man.. How 2 white old people try to fight with a hispanic 18 y/o, be careful out there enserio ##fyp ##foryou

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Just given the video with no other back story, I'm saying everyone is an A-hole in this scenario. The older couple clearly have rage issues that need to be addressed. I get having kids and someone making illegal turns in your neighborhood can get your blood boiling. But this doesn't seem to be the proper way to get your point across.

As for the girl recording, what makes the couple racists? Are we that ignorant to actual racism is? Just being angry at someone doesn't make it racist. Yelling the 'C' word and talking about 'f***ing up' someone's car doesn't make it racist either. Again, I'm basing this on just the video. That's it.

Of course there is a whole lot more to this story than just the video, but my honest conclusion is everyone sucks here. The girl apparently made an illegal turn and is claiming racism that I don't see. The couple clearly lost their s*** and need to take some anger management classes. And this is coming from a guy who can get very angry about really stupid, small things.

Also, what's the deal with spitting? Seriously, I've never understood it. Remember when Roberto Alomar spit on John Hirschbeck? I didn't understand it back then. It comes off as the lowest of low things you can do, in a situation that's already pretty low.

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