These are the restaurants we wish would open more locations around El Paso so we can enjoy their food no matter what side of town you're on. There are plenty of delicious, locally-owned restaurants and food trucks in El Paso you can enjoy. Everything from ramen, sweet treats, burgers, pizza, and more. Whatever you're craving, you can find a local place that fits your needs.

Problem is, some restaurants only have one location in town so you may be forced to drive across the city to quench your craving. AJ's Diner on the west side of El Paso only had one location, until now. The retro diner just opened their 2nd location in the city on the far west side of El Paso at the Canyons at Cimarron shopping complex. It got me thinking-what other restaurants and food trucks would you love to see more of around the city.

Sometimes having only one location can create a special buzz about your food and people will want to travel far to see what all the fuss is about. But opening more locations could also bring more people into your business and bring in more profits. Still, some small businesses want to continue being small, and we have no problem supporting them like that as well.

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Check out some of the businesses we wish would expand around the Sun City in the near future. Hopefully, we'll see them get more locations up and running soon.

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