A new program started by the city of El Paso could provide up to 3 months of financial assistance for rent and utility bills.

The following information was posted by our news partners at KVIA:

Nonprofit organization Under One Roof has been created by the El Paso Apartment Association to provide financial and other support to residents of El Paso County who have been harmed by the pandemic and other disasters like fires.

Tenants with a household income at or below 80 percent of the adjusted median family income and who have lost income from the Covid-19 pandemic are eligible to apply.

Tenents may apply for up to three months of assistance with rent andn utilities. - KVIA

According to KVIA, the new "Under One Roof" program receives funding from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Interested renters are encouraged to work with their landlords to receive their benefits and can apply for the rental assistance online.
These benefits are available to El Pasoans who are suffering financial hardships due to fire, flood, or pandemic related issues, The program also aims to "support the professional development of owners, managers and the staff of rental properties". (pdnfoundation.org)
You can learn more about Under One Roof via their website by clicking here. The El Paso Rent Help program was designed to help landlords recover lost rent and keep them from having to evict tenants who cannot pay their rent due to the pandemic. Learn more about that program and/or apply for benefits by clicking here.

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