If you think El Paso doesn't have tornado warnings, hate to rain on your parade but we actually do. John Fausett of National Weather Service said if it can happen in Deming, it can definitely happen here in El Paso.

Gary Wallace recorded some insane image which looks like a tornado but not completely sure. El Paso usually is known for having bi-polar weather one day it's sunny then a cold front the next day. The footage Gary caught could be many things either smoke, a sand storm because of the wind or an actual tornado. It's scary to know we could possibly have a tornado after KVIA reported El Paso is not immune from tornadoes. Hopefully we don't ever have to experience that because as it is we freak out with very little snow. The National Weather Service in El Paso issues at least one tornado warning every 3 to 5 years.

Let's keep hoping we never have to witness a tornado here in the Sun City!