November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and El Paso has ranked in the top 30 for the fattest city in America. WalletHub did a comparison of the 50 states including the District of Columbia and El Paso placed pretty high. When it came to the fattest state in America Texas came in at number 16 on the rank. But the city of El Paso placed lower than the states rank for the fattest city in America.

Adults with high cholesterol El Paso placed in the lowest percentage at 97. But as for the fattest cities in America El Paso came in 29th place out of 100 cities. It doesn't help that El Paso is a border city and can enjoy the best Mexican food across the border. El Paso's obesity and the overweight rank is 15 while our health consequences rank is a 56. As for El Paso's food and fitness rank we scored a 15 on the scale which makes our total score a 76.24. Well like they say, you know you're a Texan when everything is bigger.

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