Apparently El Paso is between being the worst and best city for singles. In the latest percentage of singles from each city was taken from the Census Bureau American Community Survey. So if you're single and have been ready to mingle there is probably a reason why you're still single. There were 130 best and worst cities for singles and El Paso was right in the middle. El Paso was ranked at 65 out of 130 cities in the survey.

The good thing is we didn't exactly place at the bottom for singles to live. To determine the best and worst cities for singles rankings were based on four metrics. Those four rankings were dating satisfaction, social satisfaction, dating affordability, and percentage of singles. El Paso's dating satisfaction score was 57 while the overall satisfaction with social life was 43%. The social satisfaction score came in at 18 while the date affordability score was a whopping 97. If you're looking to get cuffed soon then you can see the best top 10 cities for singles here.

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