The holidays are almost here which means some desire a cuddle buddy! Usually before the holiday comes around people really want a companion. If you're one of those people then I can tell you where a lot of the singles hang out. Of course, you know it's easy to meet singles at the bars and clubs. But usually meeting someone at those places tend to be under intoxicated circumstances. In my opinion, I believe it's better to meet someone at a few places I listed below. Now as for the single men and ladies, they hang out at places you visit every so often. Although two of the places you will see listed below are sanctuaries for some. Personally, I would rather meet someone at one of the three places below than at a club or bar. If you have noticed you're wanting to kiss someone under the mistletoe, you can snoop around the places below!

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    I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy for listing a department store as a dating outlet. But you can definitely meet a single woman at Target. But in reality, the female to male ratio at Target is 10 to 1. Plus, when I was single I was that ratio that would look for stuff I didn't need.

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    Dunkin Donuts

    The online dating website Zoosk conducted a survey on whether coffee brews romance. To their surprise, the online survey taken by 14,161 single men and women agreed with coffee brewing romance. Almost everyone enjoys having some coffee and friendly after a cup or two.

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    Planet Fitness

    Okay, so I am not saying to approach someone while they're getting their cardio in. But usually, you will notice the same faces that take their workout seriously. Heck, there was one couple that got married at Planet Fitness where it all began. The dude approached the woman he had been eyeing for a while. They had plenty of workout dates and eventually got married where their love at first lift began.