Illegal dumpers who are caught in El Paso can now be fined more for breaking the law.

As of Sept. 1, the fine for illegal dumping has risen to $4,000. Illegal dumping is a problem here, especially on the edges of town where miles of open desert and some rarely traveled roads give the jerks dumping stuff lots of room to hide.

Beyond getting fined, and the fact that it's a sh***y thing to do, illegal dumping is also bad for the environment. Especially old motor oil and other chemicals that some animals eat and are poisoned by. Plus, it looks awful. It sucks being out for a hike or bike ride and coming across a pile of old tires, mattresses and household crap.

It's also unnecessary! The city operates four Citizen Collection Stations where you can dump large, bulky and/or hazardous items for free. You just need to present an El Paso water bill. The city also has a special hotline set up to report illegal dumping, just dial 3-1-1. If possible, they ask that you try and take a picture of the vehicle(s) license plate(s).