Texas State Troopers are writing fewer tickets in general but the number of Hispanics getting those tickets has doubled since 2009.

In all but nine Texas counties, Hispanics are ticketed twice as much as they were back in 2009. According to an El Paso Times story:

The percentage of tickets issued to Hispanic motorists increased from 10.5 percent of total citations in 2009 to 21.8 percent in 2014. Meanwhile, the share of white motorists cited by DPS dropped from 71.1 percent to 58.8 percent. Meanwhile, the number of tickets issued to Hispanics increased from 102,801 in 2009 to 149,868 in 2014.

Some say this is why Texas state troopers need to be monitored more closely. Do you think the rising number of tickets is due to the growing number of hispanics across Texas, whites being better/safer drivers or, are hispanics being unfairly targeted by the DPS?