El Paso has seen rain for days now and it is causing some craziness to happen around town.

From driving to construction issues, and even people on floaties just riding down their street, this rain is awakening some in the area.

One new thing it seems to be reviving is the moth infestation that happens this time of year. I have been dealing with some moths at my house but it is very calm compared to this video.

KFOX news anchor Robert Holguin took to Twitter to share a video of a "moth pit" he caught outside the news station.

Maybe it is just me but the idea of a moth pit is pretty hilarious. If I could edit some heavy metal tracks to this video, I think it would really make the joke perfect.

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Plus the one-word description in his video pretty much says it all, "moths."

With all the lights outside their station, it seems like a festival for moths. Outside our studio, we are lucky if we get one light and moonlight. We really need to work on that but at least we have cameras!

If we get to open up a moth pit outside our studio, we will for sure bring that awesomeness to you too.

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