This unfortunate mishap could be debated for both sides of right and wrong that happened with this father, son and police. If you're willing to correct your mistake like this dad, then they should have let him stay in the tennis court.

The dad (Maruicio Solis) and son were playing baseball in the tennis court and yes, we know already the dad is in the wrong here. But instead of asking them to not play baseball anymore police asked them to leave the tennis court all completely. The dad said he wouldn't play baseball anymore and would play tennis instead but the cop still insisted on them leaving. What sucks is what that little boy had to witness and be so scared for his dad which no kid should ever go through that. Now apparently another witness (Cynthia Peraza) said that the dad was actually the one in the wrong and saw some of what happened and said it's people like the dad that give cops a bad reputation.

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