Luckily, El Paso still has a few tasty Italian restaurants still standing. A couple of favorites I enjoy are the Italian Kitchen which is at the top of my list. Another favorite on the list is Como's Italian Restaurant.

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There were also two other favorite Italian restaurants of mine but they no longer exist. There were lots of sad people in El Paso after hearing about these two places closing. Almost everyone in El Paso is familiar with Cappetto's Italian Restaurant and Sorrento Italian Restaurant. Both of those restaurants have a lot of history and great memories.

The other day I was craving a plate I only ordered from Sorrento Italian Restaurant, bummer I know. It is a bummer knowing I won't ever get to enjoy the one and only dish I ordered there. Plus Sorrento Italian Restaurant sure knew how to rub some romantic vibes off with their lighting. I am pretty sure I am not the only one that goes through this in El Paso.

There are others who would also agree with me about missing two Italian places we once enjoyed eating at. But can you imagine if just one could make a comeback, who would you want it to be? My curiosity got the best of me and had me wondering who would win this battle.

You have to factor in the pros and cons of each place if there were an Italian restaurant battle of the best. Clearly, the food is one, service, ambiance, and prices are things to consider. Just below Ewjxn shared an old commercial of some plates you may have ordered. But have you ever wondered which Italian restaurant between the two would win over El Paso's vote?

Hence, why I have included a poll below for you to place your vote on who you wish could make a comeback. The battle of Italian restaurants is between Sorrento's and Cappetto's. Now, this comes down to who El Paso considers the best and most missed Italian restaurant determined by your votes. So vote wisely on which place you would like to see come back from the dead, below.

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