"It's a new year & it's a new me"

I've heard that a lot growing up. Every year that goes by, it's a fresh new start; a chance to improve or try something new & different. But... I've often wondered... how many times how we've ever made a new years resolution & actually stuck TO them? Are they worth even making in the first place?

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I know in my personal life, I've always try to set goals for myself; things I hope to accomplish in the year & they always end up being the same:

  • Eat healthier choices
  • Work out & exercise more
  • Work hard at my job

Out of those 3; I'm a little ashamed to admit that I tend to not stick with the 2nd goal... my work schedule & my family life has really made it difficult to maintain a regiment of working out. But I know that also falls on me & my ability to be able TO make the time for a work out. I've also struggled a bit on the eating healthier; but I've made some progress since last year: cutting down on eating fast food, making more food at home and cutting down on my soda intake.

However... I've most definitely have kept up with my last goal: working hard at my job every year. Since I've started in 2017, I feel much more accomplished with everything I've managed to do here at KLAQ with every passing year: I started as an overnight board-op, to producing commercials, being the one heard during the afternoons, I've produced the Morning Show & El Paso Chihuahuas games among many other things. In fact just this week, I recently became Employee of the Month for the very first time in my life... all because I told myself to keep working hard & the rewards will come.

And you see that with our fellow El Pasoans too: we've seen so many people accomplish so much because of their hard work. Like the two screenwriters for El Pavo Bravo who got noticed by Hollywood, we've seen people from El Paso become accomplished actors,

we've even seen fellow musicians get nominated for a Grammy,

we've even seen former UTEP players make it big in the NFL.

All because they made it a goal to keep going, keep working hard.

So... are New Years Resolutions worth having? I'd say so. It's important to set goals for yourself, goals that you KNOW you can accomplish. And you find yourself struggling on maintaining your goals, that's ok. That's normal. The struggle is sometimes what we need to keep us motivated, to keep going.

I know 2022 will probably throw many obstacles in our way but it CAN be a fresh start of us; a chance to accomplish a goal we set for ourselves, no matter how big or small that may be.

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