Looks like NFL star Aaron Jones is venturing out from the sports game. He made an announcement yesterday about his new business venture in town.

Aaron Jones is known as the El Pason who made it big time in the NFL. Not to mention he's a pretty down-to-Earth guy. When he's not helping the Green Bay Packers to victory in Wisconsin, he can be seen around El Paso doing everyday normal activities, and always with a smile on his face. It's easy to see why he's such a likable guy in the NFL, and in El Paso. Now, it looks like there will be a new spot in town you can go check and support Aaron Jones all at the same.

Aaron Jones made the announcement on Instagram yesterday that he has a brand new sport bar coming soon to El Paso. Showtyme Sports Bar will be opening up soon in El Paso and Aaron's excited to bring his new sports bar concept to the El Paso area. Check out the video below and you can follow them on Instagram for the latest updates.

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My cousin is a huge Green Bay Packers fan and has already texted me asking when it opens and if he can come and take pictures of where Aaron grew up. Thankfully if we ever actually run into Aaron Jones in El Paso I'm pretty sure he'd be nice enough to take a photo with Marc. But I'll just be pretending I've met that guy in my life.

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