One of El Pasos most famous (or infamous!) residents and a fixture on the El Paso music scene, Al Jourgensen, is now writing comic books! 

Al Jourgensen has done it all!  As the frontman for Ministry he's traveled the world, battled various addictions, hung out with major players like Robert Plant and Johnny Depp while partying with the likes of Courtney Love.  Somehow, he survived it all.

His recent autobiography is loaded with stories of rock n roll excess and the critics have loved it.  Now Al has turned himself into a super hero!  He's releasing a series of comic books, each one based on a Ministry album!


"Ministry: The Devil's Chord - The Chronicles Of Alien F. Jourgensen", will be a 13-issue comic book series, based on Ministrys' "Psalm 69", "The Land Of Rape And Honey", "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste", "Filth Pig", "Rio Grande Blood", "The Last Sucker" and "Relapse".

Working together with British "Dark Artist" Sam Shearon, all the titles are pulled together under one story line.  According to The comic books

follow the adventures of Alien F. Jourgensen, a young musician who is discovered by a record label that seeks to change him, mold him, and control him. But as Alien focuses his attention on doing what he is truly passionate about — playing music — he discovers his true talent and becomes aware of the inherent powers that set him apart from everyone else, powers that are triggered by music. As his power grows, he sees truths that others don't: chilling realities about everything from the true intentions of those who really run the planet, to the untapped powers that lie within all of us.

Writer Sam Shearon says;

I used to listen to MINISTRY at art college as a teenager," said Shearon. "To be immortalizing Al Jourgensen in a comic book series is an honor and a thrill ride into his life, that not many people get to see. Sitting down with Al and Angelina for two weeks at their home to take notes in order to write this has been one of the most exciting projects I've ever worked on. There were many days and nights where Al and I would be still awake at around 5 a.m. watching the sunrise, surrounded by empty beer bottles. Fond memories were stirred up, some wounds were opened but all in all both Al and Angelina shared enough of their real life tales to chronicle a story that you just couldn't make up! This is one hell of an adventure that I personally would love to see on the big screen one day...I will never look at raccoons in the same way again!

I bet Als' character will have a killer hot rod too!  The comic books are slated for a July 2014 release.