None other than Vanity Fair has recognized the sounds and feel of El Paso! I am TOTALLY serious!  What we have known for a long time is getting around; El Pasos music scene has a rich history and it just keeps getting better!

The world renowned Vanity Fair has labeled El Chuco "The Best Little Music City In Texas"!  According to the article; the areas rich history, "live and let live" feel and it's outlaw attitude are all parts of what make El Pasos music so vibrant and, well, real.   A lot of musicians have come to El Paso to work at the legendary Sonic Ranch studio in Tornillo. Then come back again and again or flat out moved here after experiencing El Pasos warmth.

(I've been to Sonic Ranch and it is an awesome place.  From the studio itself, to its location, to the art and the list of legendary artists who have worked there; you can FEEL the creativity flowing!)

Part of the beauty of recording there is that, in and around the area, you'll find everything from complete isolation to anything and everything you would expect in a big New York or L.A. setting. (Completely without the New York/L. A. bullsheeeet!)

I think Ministry frontman and El Pasoan Al Jourgensen said it best overall about EP in the article;

There’s a weird charm to this place that is very outlaw” No one asks questions because they all have a history and a past—and so do you.”

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A lot of local El Paso (and El Paso area) bands have recorded at Sonic Ranch as well!  I'd LOVE to hear from some of you guys!  Share your Sonic Ranch stories/memories below or on the KLAQ Facebook page!

I've had the pleasure of watching the local music scene grow over the years and I'm pleased to say that this IS the strongest it has ever been ... and I'm sure this is NOT the strongest it ever will be!  (Though everyone could use .. and give .. a little more support.  Noones gonna hand you anything; you have to back each other .. and help each other .. up!)   Being a part of its growth has been one of the greatest experiences of my life to say the least!

Speaking of local rock, Q Connected is kinda going through a "make over"!  I have a BUNCH of new local rock going in this week (some of which was recorded at Sonic Ranch!) and will also freshen up the national rock that rounds out the show!

I've steadily been ramping up the amount of local rock that goes into Q Connected and this week you're in for a ton of it!  Suicide Romance, Alexx, Bash, Strings Of Atlas, Abnik and more plus some more .. familiar shall we say .. material from borderland bands like Years Of Cold, The Third Edge and A Beautiful Mourning!

Catch Q Connected Sunday night at 10pm on El Pasos Best Rock!

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