One El Paso mom is showing her best support for her young son. Danielle Rodriguez is one to say something and stand by it wholeheartedly. Danielle Rodriguez had said if her son loses his hair in his battle she will shave her head. She kept her word the day her son began to lose his hair while undergoing treatment. It is every parent's worst nightmare to see their child having to fight for their life.

This mom is battling the toughest struggle of having to be strong for her son and herself. It's heartbreaking when her son tells her he prays to God about not wanting to die because he's too young. Her son Sebastian "Bash" Gonzalez is in remission now from having Leukemia. This mom is showing as much support as she can for her son from shaving her head to being there every step of the way. This is one strong family that clearly shows they make a great team.

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