A shave and a haircut can really transform a man! For some, a regular haircut will do- but for others looking for an experience there's a new growing trend in the Borderland where men can get a luxurious spa experience.

Here in El Paso, there are plenty of great barbers and barbershops where a shave and a haircut will leave you feeling like a new man; but if you're looking for a full on experience that includes drinks AND cigars- well, check out these three "barbersalons" you can get pampered at.

Barber Salons in El Paso for Men

The Loft Men Studio 

Located at 5857 N. Mesa, The Loft Men Studio offers an "upscale modern grooming experience" complete with men's haircuts, shave, beard trimming and spa experiences like massages, wax and facials.

And it wouldn't be a complete experience without manicures and pedicures.

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Gentlemen's Republic Barbersalon & Men's Spa

Located at 1712 N. Mesa, Gentlemen's Republic ups the regular spa experience and merges with a classy bar experience. That's right, this men's spa offers your favorite spirits- which is the perfect kickoff to a groom party!

And just a perfect place for men to feel a little spoiled.

Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop for Guys

Located at 8889 Gateway Blvd. West, Suite 1760, Hammer & Nails is the grooming lounge designed for men, where happy hour is every hour.

There are so many amenities available for men to enjoy and are specifically tailored for your own experience.

When you want to spoil the men in your life, or you yourself want to get a luxury spa experience, check any of these out!

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