A local El Paso makeup artist is going viral for his stunning makeup look where he honors the city we love. Makeup gives many people the ability to express themselves in ways they never could before. I personally love makeup because of the way it allows me to create whatever look I'm trying to achieve for the night. From a doe-eyed ingénue, a shimmering enigma, all the way to a smokey-eyed siren. While in my younger years I had to look to books and magazines to find all my makeup inspiration (thank you, Kevin Aucoin) the younger generations have the knowledge at their fingertips. Social media has allowed young creative minds the ability to showcase their talents on various platforms and let others be inspired. One of those young creative minds you have to see to believe is someone right here in El Paso.

Ben is a 20-year-old El Pasoan who runs the Instagram page bens_aura where he showcases his beautiful makeup skills. His looks are abstract and show off beautiful scenes like ocean waves, colorful galaxies, creative Christmas looks. His recent makeup look is going viral online that is dedicated to our very own El Paso. The makeup shows off the beautiful purple mountains, the cityscape and the iconic star on the mountain. Judging by Ben's talent and his young age, he is only going to be getting better and better! If you're looking for models Ben just let me know, I'd be happy to get dolled up by your gifted hands.

You can check out more of Ben's makeup looks on his Instagram page.


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