The government shutdown means some federal workers will not be paid. This company wants to help them out.

Amigo Loans posted an announcement on their Facebook page regarding federal employees not being paid during the current government shutdown.  If only our elected officials would actually try and help like this loan company rather than throwing temper tantrums and, basically, acting like spoiled little kids; we probably wouldn't be in this situation to begin with.

As you can see in their post, Amigo Loans is offering zero - interest loans to federal workers who aren't being paid during this stupidity. Very cool and classy of them to try to help their fellow El Pasoans weather a storm they didn't cause and definitely did not see coming. For more details, you can reach them at (915) 857-2274, visit their Facebook page or drop by their offices.


Photo, Facebook/Amigo Loans
Photo, Facebook/Amigo Loans

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