It seems like El Paso is a little behind on knowing the unusual drug smuggling methods. I remember hearing about an Arizona woman who was caught trying to smuggle bean burritos filled with meth. I even remember hearing about that story 4 years ago in 2016.

Apparently, it seems like the word didn't spread around enough to reach El Paso's Customs and Border Protection. Luckily, with the intuition of CBP officers and the help of the K9 team, they discovered the unusual drug smuggling method.

Two men attempted to smuggle close to a 1 pound of meth that was packaged in a different manner as to other usual attempts. The two men had stored the illegal substances inside some bean burritos.

Usually, you're used to the other methods like storing them inside difficult places in the vehicle or a body. I couldn't help but wonder about that situation going down differently.

Just imagine if one of the CBP officers tried to buy one of those burritos to grub on their next break?

Well, this unusual smuggling method didn't go unnoticed thanks to the CBP officers and K9 team.

I remember the time I was told to pull into the parking space where they search your car. I was 19 at the time when an ex-best friend and I went to Juarez for an event. When we were driving back to El Paso after stating our citizenship the CBP officer sent us in to get checked.

I was totally cool with the officers searching inside. We even had a conversation about them having a lot of people in our age group (18-20) who had attempted to smuggle over drugs. I didn't have anything to hide but I sure as hell felt scared and thinking they were going to tear apart my 4Runner at the time.

They brought over the K9 to sniff around my vehicle and of course, I was let go.

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