A 25 year-old Arizona woman was caught at the U.S. Mexico border after trying to smuggle in a pound of meth wrapped in a tortilla.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents busted a young woman last week who attempted to smuggle meth across the border.

The interesting part?

She disguised the meth as a delicious burrito. She even went as far as to surround the drugs with real burritos, so agents could smell the delicious, real burritos and not suspect drugs were being hidden.

Susy Janelly Laborin was trying to cross into the United States at the Nogales-Morley pedestrian border crossing around noon on May 20th. Officers became suspicious after Laborin was looking nervous. The officer's intuition led them to question the woman and search her lunch bag.

When the officer searched her lunch bag, a meth-filled tortilla made to look like a burrito was in there surrounded by real ones. She was questioned by Homeland Security agents and she admitted she knew she had drugs on her. She told agents that she was promised $500 for taking the drugs across the border. The drugs are worth about $3,000 on the streets.

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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