Next time you're at the El Paso International Airport don't be afraid to say hello to the new mascot! Welcome El Paso's latest addition, Red T. Hawk, to the mascot family. It's always awesome to add on to our El Paso mascot family and our El Paso International Airport made that happen!

I understand you should accept someone for who they are, but in my opinion, I wish they would have added more feminine features to Red. If I didn't fully read the article about the newest addition I wouldn't have known it was a female role model.

The name Red T. Hawk can also be misconstrued as a male to some, but if it wasn't for the lashes on Red T. Hawk someone else could possibly assume what I assumed. Don't get me wrong I am totally stoked about a female role model mascot for the young generation. I just wish they could have added more features to seem more feminine.

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