A terrifying incident happened Thursday (Jan. 30th) morning when reports of a possible active shooter at El Paso High circulated social media. The El Paso Police confirmed the threat with a tweet and many El Pasoans were worried. Thankfully, the El Paso Police did a magnificent job rushing to the scene and apprehending the suspects. Since then, videos have popped up on social media of students, teachers, and other El Paso High staff during the school lockdown.

One video that is going viral is inside of the classroom of Mr. Lang. In the video seen on our favorite Instagram fitfamelpaso, you see the teacher hugging a student after he stood by the door of his classroom the entire time of the school lockdown. You can also hear the teacher tell his class:

"I would take a bullet for you guys....you have your whole lives to live."

The moment touched so many in our city and beyond. The post also has several former students of Mr. Lang telling stories of how Mr. Lang was their favorite teacher and how blessed they were to be in his class. Thank you, Mr. Lang, for all that you do every day for your students, but especially what you did that day.

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