Have you noticed all the extra fees these days?

Not so long ago, when you paid for something, you got a receipt that listed your goods and/or services, the tax and a total. When appropriate, there was a place to leave a tip and it was all typically on one, fairly small slip of paper.

Nowadays, your receipt is a foot long and comes with assorted fees or service charges. Ticketmaster has always charged us extra to patronize them, basically penalizing us for bringing them our business. (Lots of people, including big names like Pearl Jam, railed against these fees but nothing changed.) Now, many El Paso businesses seem to be adopting their business model.

Some bars now charge a “liquor tax” in addition to the sales tax on our drink orders. My friends' veterinarian charges for vaccinations and then adds on $3.00 more to throw the needle away. Some restaurants, especially pizza places, charge “delivery” fees. Gas is expensive, we all know that, but fuel costs ... and other vehicle-related costs ... usually fall on the driver and they don’t get that extra money.

I think the tip should be the “delivery fee” because the driver gets to keep it. I don't mind adding the equivalent of the fee to the tip, mind you. As long as it ALL goes to the driver. Simply creating fees is BS.

Garages now drain your oil and then charge you a little more to pour it out, tire places want extra money for your old tires and, I don’t think, any of these fees are waived if you (properly!) dispose of them yourself.

The state likes pulling these extra fees out of their rear ends too. You pay whatever fee is required for something, then they tack on an “administrative fee”. Basically, a “just ‘cuz we can” fee. State and local city offices, (some private businesses too), also charge an extra percentage of the total if you use a credit card rather than cash or a debit card. We already pay taxes, WTH??

Pretty soon, we’ll have state mandated “oxygen use” fees or “absorbing sunshine” fees. At the rate things are going, El Paso will probably soon start charging us to NOT ride those stupid trolleys.

I better stop here ... before I give them any more ideas.

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