One fee goes away, several fees go up and the hours get shorter:

November 1st, County Commissioners (and proud $26,569 pay raise recepients) are raising fees at Ascarate Park and cutting hours.

  • The $2 Friday entry fee is gone, free entry now applies Monday - Friday.
  • The Weekend, holiday and special events fee remains at $5.
  • Ascarate's hours: April - September = 5:30am to 9pm, October - March = 6am to 8pm. (Until November 1st, they're 6am to 10pm.)
  • County swimming pool lane rental fees go from $8 to $10, pool rental goes from $64 to $80 and small swim meets, (150 peeps or less), go from $60 to $110. Larger meets jump from $60 to $130.

The EP Times reports that these, and a bunch of other changes, are to:

align the fees with market rates, as well as to allow for more people to participate in events at all county venues. The changes are also meant to facilitate the use of those facilities, to increase revenues and to recover the cost of staffing events.

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