Personal spooky stories are something you may have or know someone who does. There are all sorts of scary stories we either love telling or hearing about haunted spots around El Paso. There is no judgment here when it comes to hearing people tell their own personal scary stories with me.

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I have heard all sorts of spooky tales from family and friends that shared their unusual paranormal experiences with me over the years. Despite how spooked I can get I still enjoy hearing all the mind-blowing stories about haunted places in El Paso.

I honestly believe the station is haunted because of some crazy stuff that happened one year Scott Ronson, Johnnie Walker, and I did a ghost hunt here at the studio. Basically, when Scott Ronson egged on whatever it was he was nagging on caused the women's bathroom door to make a noise.

The only way you ever hear that particular sound is when you're either opening or closing the bathroom door. Plus the bathroom doors are not wimpy by all means they're pretty heavy solid thick wood doors.

But since then I don't really use the bathroom during a shift while I am all alone. But what I experienced here at the station is nothing compared to what others have seen or been through elsewhere.

For example, De Soto Hotel sure has me believing that paranormal activity does exist in the borderland. This is why it is no surprise El Paso would be at the top of the list for the most haunted city in every state.

Ghosts915 Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society Facebook page shared some sort of page showing a bunch of places ranked from first to last. There is some sort of poll showing the most haunted city in the state that put El Paso proudly on top.

El Paso, Texas was the only place listed with over a hundred ghost sightings while the other cities only had double-digits. You can see the proof for yourself by clicking here that Tiki Kettel had shared earlier this month.

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