People in Las Cruces, New Mexico have heard of haunting stories about El Paso, Texas. While El Paso also knows of certain places that are haunted in Las Cruces. If you have a relative that ever worked at the Old Dona Ana County Jail, then YOU know the scary stories.

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In 1989 or 1990 my dad was employed at the Old Dona Ana County Jail during that time frame. So, I am no stranger to the strange things that happened at that place, because of my dad's storytelling. He fondly remembers the time he was using the restroom and the lights just turned off.

He and his co-workers had stories to exchange about the things they witnessed during their shift. Another haunting moment that occurred on my dad's shift was when he was in the control room. Two ladies responsible for washing linens in the laundry room witnessed something scary beyond sight.

The ladies washing in the laundry room started throwing a fit and yelling for the guards. Once guards arrived they wanted out of the laundry room because of what appeared before them in that room. Apparently, the ladies saw a man standing in the laundry room with them.

But this shouldn't come as a surprise to you. After all, the Old Dona Ana County Jail was built on the land that once belonged to cowboys. Well, Haunted Las Cruces shared some spooky footage taken by PRI-Paranormal Research Investigations El Paso from this past June at the Old Dona Ana County Jail.

The footage PRI-Paranormal Research Investigations El Paso shared some camera footage from the second floor. There were strange noises that occurred before and after the man passed through. Also, those supervising the floor above and beneath didn't hear anything. Even Paranormal Research Investigation- PRI El Paso, Texas YouTube channel shared their footage from the jail, above. Just take a scroll and check it out for yourself down below.

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